How much does the product weigh?
The ham legs usually weigh around 7 and 8 Kg. and the “paletas” circa 5 Kg. The boned ham weighs around 3 to 4 Kg.

How do I recognize a premium Ibérico ham?
Ibérico hams are characteristically long and slender, with a dark-coloured hoof. If the ham delivered to you does not meet your expectations you have the option of returning it. Another feature that always appears in our products is the band of the Denomination of Origin. In the Dehesa de Extremadura Denomination of Origin, iberian pigs that consume a diet of acorns and grasses during the finishing period bear a red band, and a seal with an individual code identifying them as "Bellota Campo" (free-range "bellota" quality).

How do I place the order?
fill in our order form, send an e-mail to or call us

How can I note any special instructions for my delivery?
You will find special instructions field in the order form.

How do I pay the order?
By bank transfer.

Do the products have a guarantee?
The guarantee of quality and origin “Dehesa de Extremadura”.

How is the packaging?
Hams and “paletas” are encased in a cloth bag and packed in a wooden box. The rest of the products are packed in vacuum packs to ensure that they do not lose any of their taste or aroma.

Can I return a ham?
You can if the product is not in good condition or does not meet your expectations. You are entitled to have it replaced or to get your money back by law, according to the terms that appear on our website in Return policies.

What will be done with my personal data?
Your data will not be used or transferred to other parties without your express consent.

Why am I not receiving an email with the data for the wire transfer?

Quite likely, your email manager is wrongly classifying our emails as SPAM (unsolicited mail). Please check your SPAM (Junk) folder, because you will probably find our emails there. If still you can't find them, please call us at +34 660 390 358. If you have not found an answer to your problem here, please contact us.
Send email.
FAQDoes the pata negra ham exist?
Yes it does. But there are also black pigs in other countries and the ham obtained is not the same.

What is the difference between good and bad cholesterol?
Cholesterol is a fat we need for our bodies to function correctly. However, an excess of cholesterol in the blood can cause problems if it accumulated on the walls of our arteries.

Most cholesterol in our bodies is produced by the liver and some further amounts come from our diet.

Cholesterol in the blood is in two forms:
- LDL Cholesterol (the bad type): an excess of LDL blocks the arteries by   adhering to the walls.
- HDL Cholesterol (the good type): takes the excess of cholesterol to the liver   to eliminate it.

Why buy the jamón of Dehesa de Cantillana and not another ham?
The ham of Dehesa de Cantillana offers a quality of the highest standard, as the farm is ecologically run by the family and the pigs are reared with the greatest care. We would be delighted to meet you at the farm and show you the infrastructure and the location. Furthermore, the Denomination of Origin checks for Dehesa de Extremadura are the most strict ones in Spain, the ham you will be enjoying will have therefore passed very high standard tests.

What means “tapas”?
Tapas originated in Andalucia, a Southern province of Spain. The word "tapa" translates as "cover". Tapas traditionally may have been a complementary piece of sliced ham served on top of a glass of wine, but we know them today as small portions of food commonly served as a snack before lunch or dinner. Tapas can be as simple as a bowl of olives or more hearty, such as slices of Ibérico ham. The tapa was born when, due to an illness, the Spanish king Alfonso the 10th, the Wise, had to take small bites of food with some wine between meals. Once recovered from the disease, the wise king decreed that no wine was to be served in any of the inns in the land of Castile, unless accompanied by something to eat. This was a wise precaution to counteract the adverse effects of alcohol on those people who, through lack of money to buy a nourishing meal drank alcohol on an empty stomach.

Where can the products be sent to?
All over Europe

How long does the delivery take?

Is the VAT included in the price?
Los jamones suelen pesar entre 7 y 8 Kg. y las paletas entre 4 y 5 Kg. Los jamones deshuesados suelen pesar entre 3 y 4 Kg.