Approximate delivery prices:
On rare occasions packages from Spain may be chosen at random to be inspected by UK Customs or border authorities from other EU countries and International authorities. In such cases deliveries may be delayed by 1 - 2 working days. Dehesa de Cantillana cannot accept responsibility for sub standard re-packaging carried out by third parties nor for delay resulting from routine inspection from governmental bodies. In all cases we will endeavour to inform customers in advance of any delay.

Return policies
To offer you the best quality is our big compromise. But if it still fails to meet your expectations, we will exchange it for another, or it will be refunded in full.

Products ordered may be returned in the following cases:

• If the packaging is damaged. In this case, refuse to accept it when it is   delivered.
• If the ham is not in good condition, or in any way fails to meet your expectations.   In either of these cases contact us in indicating:
    • Your order number
    • Which product(s) you wish to return, and the reason
    • What you would like us to do: exchange the product for another, or credit you       for the amount of your purchase.

Once we have received your message we will give you instructions on how to return the product. Dehesa de Cantillana will pay for shipping costs in the case of returns. The product must be returned in its original packaging no more than 14 days after the delivery date.

Returning hams or “paletas” having too much fat (special terms apply):
Usually about 40% of the total weight of an Iberian shoulder, and 50% of a ham, can be consumed. That is, 60% of the weight of a shoulder (50% in a ham) consists of bone, hoof, outer rind and excess fat (fat that is not eaten).

We try to ensure that all the pieces we ship have the appropriate amount of fat for best taste. However, if when you start slicing your shoulder or ham you think it has too much fat, do not continue. Pack it together with all the waste and we will pick it up and exchange it for another one or give you a full refund.

We cannot accept returns for excess fat if the weight of the piece returned (including the weight of the waste) is less than 75% of the weight of the original piece. In other words, if a shoulder weighed 4 kg and you return less than 3 kg, we cannot accept the return.

Note: We endeavour to describe our products as accurately as possible and perception of our goods depends on the individual, such is the nature of our products.

Legalities and Refunds Before you place an order please read the terms and conditions to learn about all the details.Prices The prices include the corresponding V.A.T. which will be broken down in the invoice. Dehesa de Cantillana may modify the prices without prior warning. Only the prices shown in the moment of the purchase are valid.

Product deterioration Dehesa de Cantillana will not accept responsibility for the deterioration of products resulting from recipients being unable to receive their order. It is the customer's responsibility to make sure that someone will be present at the given address entered in the order form to accept any goods ordered. In the event that customers require an order to be delivered to an alternative address it is the customer's responsibility that in the case of cured hams the packaging is opened and left to "breathe" such is the nature of some products and is strongly advised.

Payment The products will be paid by bank transfer the two following days after placing the order.
Privacy Dehesa de Cantillana will never share your personal details with any third party. Any data collected from you is stored as securely and safely as possible. We cannot, however, be held liable in the unlikely event of a breach in our secure computer servers.
Limitations Dehesa de Cantillana may provide information on nutritional qualities of certain product; this information should not be considered comprehensive nor a substitute for medical or nutritional advice from registered qualified professionals. Users of this site are at all times advised to consult a medical practitioner regarding health or dietary concerns.
Contract Any order through our website will constitute your commitment to purchase the goods detailed within that order. Your order will be confirmed via email along with an expected date of delivery. Dispatch of goods will confirm your commitment and result in a legally binding contract between you the customer and Dehesa de Cantillana..
AgreementThese terms and conditions including current website prices, contact details, health, privacy and delivery stipulations set out our agreement with you for the supply of goods from Spain in its entirety.

Delivery and Return policies
Orders are dispatched within 36 hours and should reach you within 6 - 10 working days. All orders must be signed for and are delivered by international transport agencies. If applicable, and to aid a prompt delivery, please inform us of an alternative address where your order can be left in the event that you may not be in to receive it. Every order dispatched via courier / Spanish post is tracked; we will inform you of an expected delivery date with your order confirmation. Orders can be delivered within 2 - 3 days (at additional cost). Should you require express delivery please contact us giving details of your required delivery date.