Growing time The taste of our produce depends on the pigs eating acorns.The piglets are born in December and once they are weaned they are fed on natural dried foods to strengthen their bones to support the fattening phase.

Meanwhile, the fruits on the trees in the dehesa ripen and in October the strong pigs, weighing between 80 and 100 kg make their happy meeting with the trees bearing the acorns.

Iberian pigs love acorns, and that is where the products, especially the ham, get its flavour from. The acorns give them the energy they need to get fat and contribute to the proportion of fat and muscle so characteristic of the Iberian pig. The acorn is also rich in unsaturated fats (beneficial) which are transmitted to the animal.

Finally, in a diet of grasses and acorns, the pig gets to 160 - 180 kg.

The habitat Extremadura is the main area in Spain where pigs of pure Iberian breed are reared .The meadows (“dehesas”) are the perfect habitat for the rearing of the Iberian pigs, any ham coming from pigs reared in an enclosed paved area cannot be called Iberian ham.

These areas with a high wood density produce a quantity of 500 to 800 kg per hectare of acorns. The rearing of the pigs contributes to protect the last remainders of the Mediterranean forests with its fantastic meadows, a natural paradise.

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