In terms of energy values, 100 gr. of Ibérico ham provide you with 43 gr. of proteins and less than 250 kcal, which is why small amounts are also recommendable for hypo caloric diets. Other valuable nutrients apart from the mentioned above are vitamin B12 as well as folic acid, very beneficial for the nervous system and for the brain, vitamin E, a key antioxidant, copper, essential for bones and cartilages, calcium, magnesium and selenium, the latter very important to fight the aging process.
Health 100 gr of Ibérico ham equal 33% of the recommended daily intake of proteins.The Ibérico ham is a healthy food and a gastronomic delicacy. According to scientific studies, the products derived from the Iberian pig not only do not increase the cholesterol, but actually help to reduce it, due to the non-saturated fats contained in the meta as well as other beneficial components thanks to the particular rearing conditions and the specific breed.

The process of curing the ham actually increases its content in proteins and decreases the fat contents, hence more fresh and less fattening than fresh ham. Its proteins are of high value, rich in essential amino acids.

The ham also contains non-saturated acid lipids similar to those found in olive oil and which favour digestion, as well as vitamins B1 and B6, phosphor, iron, potassium and zinc. And although it is cured with salt, its contents of this mineral are minimal.

Vitamins · Vitamin B1: heart function
· Vitamin B6: needed to make antibodies
· Vitamin B12: prevents anaemia
· Vitamin E: antioxidant, prevents Parkinson's disease
· Folic acid: prevents risks in pregnancy
Minerals · Phosphorous: maintains the bones
· Iron: prevents anaemia
· Potassium: helps normal growth
· Zinc: natural antioxidant
· Calcium: prevents osteoporosis
· Copper: prevents infections
· Selenium: prevents heart problems. Minimum salt content
Characteristics · Fat: the fat is rosy, glistening, fluid and soft to the touch.   That is a sign of the good infiltration
· Colour: dark red and very intense
· Shine: Intense, the inter-muscular fat rich in fatty acids   intensifies the shine
· Smell: Intense and nutty, like the acorn
· Texture: smooth and not fibrous
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